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Using Distribution to Enhance Your Understanding of Weekly Stock Returns

Written by Rahul Sharma on December 28, 2022

As investors look to maximize their insights and make informed decisions, distribution analysis of weekly stock returns can be a valuable tool for any investor looking to maximize their understanding of the performance of their portfolio and make informed decisions about their investments. Tesla’s recent performance has been making headlines, as the company has experienced an unusually bad week in terms of stock returns. This has led many investors to question what is behind the dip in performance and whether it is a temporary blip or a sign of more significant underlying issues.

Boost Your Profits and Minimize Losses with simple analytics and leverage Tidyquant

Written by Rahul Sharma on December 23, 2022

Big banks and other financial institutions often use analytics to build portfolios, as it can provide a number of benefits over traditional stock selection methods. It’s easy to fall into the trap of using suboptimal techniques for stock selection and portfolio building. We may rely on gut feelings or traditional analysis methods that may not always lead to the best results. Alternatively, we may become too focused on a particular stock or sector and overlook other opportunities that may be more promising.